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2014 Harvest Report

Article written by Hendrik Myburgh – Viticulturist

At Goudini we are very excited about the 2014 wines.  Relatively cool weather during the growing season resulted in strong vine growth and lots of leaves that produce flavour compounds in the grapes.  Remarkable even colouring of the red berries at verizon was spectacular to see.

Just as temperatures picked up in January and vineyards started struggling, good rainfall occurred and relieved the pressure.  Harvest started about 10 days later than normal and then progressed quickly, with the last grapes received on 3 April.

Total tonnage harvested was 50 ton or 0.2% less than the 2013 harvest.  Overall quality is impressive, with Chardonnay showing strong varietal flavours and good mouth-feel.  Sauvignon Blanc wines show more tropical flavours instead of our usual cut grass / green pepper style.  The biggest improvement is on the red wines though, with lots more colour intensity and nice mouth filling fruit flavours.

The first 2014 harvest Sauvignon blanc wine is already bottled and on the shelves.  The 2014 Chenin Blanc and Unwooded Chardonnay will be bottled in June.  The winemakers are especially pleased with the Chardonnay, already saying that it is in the same league or even better than the highly acclaimed (and accoladed) 2013 Goudini Unwooded Chardonnay.

We are very excited for 2014’s wines!

Cabernet Sauvignon

We cannot agree more when they say “Cab is king of the red wine grapes”! That’s why we wanted to share these fun facts:

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1. A grape filled with blood, sweet and tears…

Early attempts to grow Cabernet Sauvignon in South Africa did not always have very satisfactory results. Part of the reason for this was that the vines had been planted in areas that were too cool, leading to very bushy vines which had a rather peppery taste. The problem was solved by growing the grapes for longer. The result was sweeter wines with  higher alcohol levels. These vines have now started to age, allowing them to produce larger quantities of intensely-flavoured fruit.

2. South Africa’s second most planted grape

In South Africa, Cabernet Sauvignon is the second-most widely planted variety after Chenin Blanc, making up 12.53% of the total area under vineyard at the end of 2009.

3. When did Cabernet Sauvignon arrive in South Africa?

No record exists to confirm Cabernet Sauvignon’s first arrival in South Africa, but it is likely that the varietal has been here for over 200 years. By the 1920s it had become one of the country’s top-quality red varieties, and today it is grown in virtually all of the country’s wine-producing areas.

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What to expect of this year’s harvest…

Hendrik Myburgh, our viticulturalist gives his opinion on the 2014 harvest season and what to expect:

Outstanding flavours was formed due to the early growth period together with unexpectedly good rainfall in late November and early January. The vineyards in general show strong growth with the vines widely spread to ensure maximum sunlight for all bunches. This is truely a season where we can expect outstanding wines with intense and complex flavour spectrums. Especially Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon wines ought to stand out. The relatively cool ripening period delivers a climate where flavour forming and sugar accumulation in the grapes are more balanced than in a hotter season, with the result of complex, strong flavoured wines with slightly lower sugar levels. Consumers who prefer lower alcohol wines, can thus look forward to 2014’s wines.

Breedekloof Food & Wine Pairing: Cape Town


Cellar Master of Goudini Wines, Hennie Hugo, together with Fiona McDonald who was one of the judges at the Breedekloof Food and Wine Pairing in Cape Town

The Breedekloof Wine Valley had the opportunity to showcase their talents/tastes at the Breedekloof Food & Wine Pairing held in Cape Town last night. This gala event was held at the Cullinan Hotel and included 15 wines together with the tastiest foods. Neil Pendock elaborates on the evening:

Breedekloof: Big is Beautiful 

It’s an idea that’s been a long time coming. It dates back to Saartjie Baartman and her amazing boude. Big is Beautiful. The three fabulous wines below – two Chenins and a Chardonnay – come from collective wineries you’ve never heard of processing over 100,000 tons of grapes a year. This is exactly the kind of product for our August Big is BeautifulB2B Fair aimed at hooking up restaurateurs and hoteliers with producers. Time to cut out the middlemen and save 30% for starters.

At the Cullinan Hotel last night, fifteen wines made an eloquent point. The potentially Naked Chef of SA wine, Neill Anthony played a blinder. His pork neck paired with the quartet of wines below – one even a Platter five star stunna – raised the Platteland to the Next Level in the same way that Die Antwoord made Steve Hofmeyr look like Germiston talent night. Not Bruce Springsteen, at all.

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Christian from was also at the event and scored our Chenin Blanc:

Goudini Chenin Blanc 2013 was clean and easy with notes of peach and pear (score: 84/100). Knock-out value at R27 a bottle.

Here is the menu from last year’s event held at Opstal